Sunday, December 9, 2012

Off the Cuff

With Chanukah looming just ahead of me, I have been wondering what to make for my dad. He’s easier to buy for than most dads, but what on earth could I make for him as a gift?  

Meanwhile... a pair of cufflinks was shining like justice in the findings aisle at Michaels. Inspiration! I am excited about how well they turned out. 

Is my 65-year old father a comic book fan? That would be a negatory. He knows The Flash, since Flash Gordon has been part of the zeitgeist for decades. However, he does not know what the other symbol (Green Lantern) is at all. 

Why would I make him these DC decorations? Dad's current favorite show is Big Bang Theory. He falls into a frenzy over Sheldon's shirts. Now to figure out to get cufflinks to work with the Flash t-shirt I got him for his birthday....

Happy Chanukah, everyone! 

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