Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First Reader Submission

An earring holder made out of a bookend and wash tape.
Pardon my use of exclamation points. I know they are not proper; I avoid them even in casual blog writing, but I cannot contain my excitement. I have received my first reader submission! (See, if you have to do something inappropriate, do it at the most appropriate time. I believe I have done so).

Made from a bookend, Ashley's earring holder truly captures the spirt of "reuse, revamp, upcycle." I love it. Check out Ashley's adventures in craftiness and travel.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Live Every Week Like it's Shark Week

 Will everyone who is already missing 30 Rock raise their hands? Oh, I see. Just as I suspected; everyone does.

One of the best shows in the last decade may be over, but we can still keep learning from the time-honored lessons of the great sage, Tracy Jordan.

That's right everyone, "Live every week like it's shark week."

I think this needs another coat of Modge Podge Dimensional Magic, but I could not wait to post. The pendant on the left does not have the cording yet. Below is the cord with a sliding knot. If you missed my last entry on this, check out Lilly Ollo's Tutorial. It is an extremely convenient way to finish a necklace.

It may not be Shark Week right now, but we can still live as if it is.