Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY DIY Starter Kit

Image: Mr. Kate

There are some supplies I always have on hand, such as a variety of Mod Podge or black plastic beads. I tend to get other things as I need. It can be annoying as the best crafting ideas come when I am lacking at least one needed item.

If only I had a kit loaded with everything I would need in advance, like those kids' crafting kits. Sadly those do not exist for adults (or at least not in abundance). Incredible DIY blogger, Mr. Kate tried her hand at creating one. She nailed it. Her entry  shows you a few things you can use the supplies for, but there are many possibilities. I may just put one together for myself…

Will you make your own DIY DIY kit?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Keeps Me Hanging On

I just moved to Portland a couple of weeks ago, which explains my disappearance. Moving is not my favorite activity, but on the bright side, a new apartment offers a plethora of DIY opportunities.

A couple of days into moving, I was wondering about uses for those plastic hangers that are often attached to packages of tights.

I was staring at my hanging jewelry rack when it hit me. They would be perfect to use for extra hooks on the rack, especially of large things, like bangles.                    
     I have a few to hang onto for later!


It is amazing what can be done with what is usually thrown out.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Elephant in the Room

Jennifer Meyer Elephant Necklace (Rose Gold) 

I kept running across pictures of this amazing Jennifer Meyer elephant necklace over the summer. It is a custom order, and available for $2050.00. If you have been following this blog, you know I will not be purchasing it any time soon. (At least not until I see an elephant fly...)

I may not be able to get this just yet, but I found something to make me happy in the meantime. Not only was I able to (yes, you guessed it) DIY this, but I was able to do so very quickly, and so can you. 

It took me less than 5 minutes. As soon as I saw the elephant beads by Bead Landing at Michaels, I was reminded of Meyer's original. The only other things I needed were Bead Landing's gold toned leather cording and Lilly Ollo's sliding knot tutorial, featured here.

                                            It is by no means any kind of copy, but I like it. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Play Yen Around

Available at my Etsy Shop

I acquired some play Yen coins in Japan. I thought they would make great charms, and I am thrilled with the results. 

Available at my Etsy Shop


Sunday, August 4, 2013

More on DIY Skin Care

After just a few days of using my DIY makeup remover, my skin is looking so good that my Mom has been commenting on the subject. Since I am so happy with my first foray into DIY skin care products, I am wondering what else I can successfully make. I doubt I can stop completely relying on commercial products. However, after just one usable item, I am more confident that the self-made route can be effective. With that in mind, I wanted to share some tutorials which caught my eye recently.

1. It turns out that one of my favorite brands of clothes (Free People) has a lot of tutorials. I am intrigued by their Sea Salt Spray for Hair DIY.

2. Have you ever seen 'The Doctors?' A few days ago, I caught an episode for the first time. The spokesdoctors listed a plethora of low-priced, DIY beauty products.

They included things such as eyeshadow made out of green tea and eyebrow powder from cocoa powder. They sound great, but I would be concerned about having an aroma best suited for drinks.

Their Pink Bismuth Anti-Acne Mask seems worth trying as well. Besides any skin benefits, their page says that it is a bargain at "$3.99." This is where being a bargain shopper pays off. Generic Pepto Bismol is available at Dollar Tree. If you are interested in trying one out, you can get 4 bottles of mask supplies for the price of their one.

I look forward to trying a few of these. Maybe some of you will beat me to them. If so, please feel free to send over a review and/or any pictures of your results.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

(Casey) Newman's Own–DIY Makeup Remover

(Casey) Newman's Own
Makeup Remover
This is where I realize this is
only funny if you already
knew my name... 
This DIY is not about salad dressing, but it does involve oil.

I do not wear a lot of cosmetics, but when I do, I am diligent about their removal. Makeup remover is pricey. Even when buying one of the less expensive brands (like something from Target), they cost around $5.99-7.99 on average.

Readers, I am sure you hear me. It may not be a bottle of Christian Dior at $29/4 ounces (Yeesh!). Even so, I would rather have every odd month's $6-8 earmarked for something else.

This is why I love the wonderful world of DIY. Finally fed up recently, I hit the internet for some research and found a great tutorial. There are several, but thanks to this informative one by Michelle Phan, I am free from buying makeup remover ever again.

Her tutorial called for "extra virgin olive oil, water, and a some kind of container." (Mine was a pump bottle already on hand from MUJI New York). Since the only ingredient I paid for was the olive oil, $4.99 (less than I used to spend on each supply) will last me at least a year–probably more.

I am also delighted by the lack of any ingredients with names like "Dipropylhacoa;lkwjealokeajkfhna;kfahnaknvk3209uatn;lialkwhje." Usuallly, such products have at least 5 similarly named items. Moreover, it works quickly, easily and is quite moisturizing. Next, I will have to scout out a DIY toner. Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

DIY Diversion

I began DIYing to either make gifts for other people, or things I needed to organize my room. Those types of things are still the bulk of my crafting. I also make things for my Etsy shop.

I rarely make something for myself like this cute bracelet. However, when I saw these ceramic owls by Blue Moon Beads on sale at Joanne Fabric's recently, I could not resist.

The best part is that this custom-fit bracelet (which would easily have cost 2x more in a store) was so simple to make. Just thread 1.8mm Stretch Magic through the beads. It was done in minutes. Knot three times, and glue the knot if desired.

This was my first time using 1.8mm, and it worked out quite well.