Sunday, August 4, 2013

More on DIY Skin Care

After just a few days of using my DIY makeup remover, my skin is looking so good that my Mom has been commenting on the subject. Since I am so happy with my first foray into DIY skin care products, I am wondering what else I can successfully make. I doubt I can stop completely relying on commercial products. However, after just one usable item, I am more confident that the self-made route can be effective. With that in mind, I wanted to share some tutorials which caught my eye recently.

1. It turns out that one of my favorite brands of clothes (Free People) has a lot of tutorials. I am intrigued by their Sea Salt Spray for Hair DIY.

2. Have you ever seen 'The Doctors?' A few days ago, I caught an episode for the first time. The spokesdoctors listed a plethora of low-priced, DIY beauty products.

They included things such as eyeshadow made out of green tea and eyebrow powder from cocoa powder. They sound great, but I would be concerned about having an aroma best suited for drinks.

Their Pink Bismuth Anti-Acne Mask seems worth trying as well. Besides any skin benefits, their page says that it is a bargain at "$3.99." This is where being a bargain shopper pays off. Generic Pepto Bismol is available at Dollar Tree. If you are interested in trying one out, you can get 4 bottles of mask supplies for the price of their one.

I look forward to trying a few of these. Maybe some of you will beat me to them. If so, please feel free to send over a review and/or any pictures of your results.

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