Sunday, July 28, 2013

(Casey) Newman's Own–DIY Makeup Remover

(Casey) Newman's Own
Makeup Remover
This is where I realize this is
only funny if you already
knew my name... 
This DIY is not about salad dressing, but it does involve oil.

I do not wear a lot of cosmetics, but when I do, I am diligent about their removal. Makeup remover is pricey. Even when buying one of the less expensive brands (like something from Target), they cost around $5.99-7.99 on average.

Readers, I am sure you hear me. It may not be a bottle of Christian Dior at $29/4 ounces (Yeesh!). Even so, I would rather have every odd month's $6-8 earmarked for something else.

This is why I love the wonderful world of DIY. Finally fed up recently, I hit the internet for some research and found a great tutorial. There are several, but thanks to this informative one by Michelle Phan, I am free from buying makeup remover ever again.

Her tutorial called for "extra virgin olive oil, water, and a some kind of container." (Mine was a pump bottle already on hand from MUJI New York). Since the only ingredient I paid for was the olive oil, $4.99 (less than I used to spend on each supply) will last me at least a year–probably more.

I am also delighted by the lack of any ingredients with names like "Dipropylhacoa;lkwjealokeajkfhna;kfahnaknvk3209uatn;lialkwhje." Usuallly, such products have at least 5 similarly named items. Moreover, it works quickly, easily and is quite moisturizing. Next, I will have to scout out a DIY toner. Any suggestions?

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