Friday, July 19, 2013

Dewey's Homemade Organ

Watching a few 'Malcolm in the Middle' reruns, recently, I was reminded of one of my favorite episodes. Dewey (the youngest child for much of the show's run), builds his own organ. He pieces one together out of odds and ends from around the house.

The thought of being able to learn the organ by one's self is staggering enough, let alone building it that way. It would be the ultimate DIY project.

No, sadly, I am not about to reveal my freshly homemade organ to you. For now, it is a bit above my pay grade. I love the idea, though.

A search revealed a plethora of homemade organs. (Unfortunately, no tutorials on how to make Dewey's).

I am not leaving you empty-handed, though. Here are two DIY organs which are just amazing:

Pipe organ chair from the crew at

PVC pipe organ by TheCshamblen. Using flip-flops as mallets is a truly inventive revamp. Not to mention the execution of a Sound of Music/The Office/Rugrats medley on PVC pipes. Bravo.

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