Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crafty Last Minute DIY Gift

Here’s a DIY which is so simple it is embarrassing. I have made several bracelets as gifts in this fashion. If you need a quick, last-minute (and perhaps economical) gift, read on for your perfect DIY.

Craft stores sell beads already strung, or sometimes even on chains. These are nearly readymade bracelets. If the strand is the right length, you can simply add a clasp. I made one for my mom for Chanukah. I had to remove a bead for hers. I also chose a magnetic clasp. They are so much easier for the wearer than lobster clasps. 

That is all. Now, should your gifting plans suddenly change–as they do this time of year–you have a quick fix.

With one bead removed and clasp added. 


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