Sunday, October 14, 2012

Resisting Batman-related Joke Title Here

I have been thanking the fashion gods for the retro phase which has been filling the stores of late. I love my Cath Kidston bags bought in Japan and England. Modcloth and Anthropologie entrance me to such an extent that I must stay away from their websites, lest I fear for my budget. Those are a few of my favorite fashions, but my style is quite varied; suddenly, amidst all the retro frill, the Dark Knight rises. 
That’s right. I made a Batman purse. 

On a trip to Michael’s, a sign loomed above me which said “FUN Finds.” My relentless imagination pulled me in. I found a mini Batman lunchbox and was instantly inspired.

I know, I set to buy as few new materials for my projects as possible, but I did not get too far off course. The Batman mini lunchbox was one dollar. I found a shade of ribbon from the dollar section which was a near perfect match to the box. Then, another color for contrast from the same bin. 
  1. Cut ribbon to desired length. (Using wired ribbon for at least one of the strands makes a stronger strap).
  2. Braid.
  3. Tie onto small openings on handle. 

Holy handbag, Batman. Just 3 steps to an awesomely kitchy, fun purse. (Sorry, but getting through this without a bad Batman-related joke was seriously unlikely...) 

A closer look at the strap


  1. Yay how awesome! I carried around a Weezer tin lunch box in high school (how cool was I?) so this kitch makes me sentimental!

  2. Hehe, thank you! Last time I checked, Weezer was awesome, so... yeah... ^ ^