Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Off the Wall

Ever since living in Japan, I am all about vertical storage. As much as possible, things should be neatly arranged on walls, in cabinet doors and so forth. It is an excellent way to maximize space while keeping things tidy.

In the last several months, I've seen some beautiful boards for organizing makeup. Laura's Thoughts' one is amazing. I would love to claim this as my own idea, but cannot, so thank you Laura's Thoughts for your enviable board.

I kept trying to make mine, but continually hit a wall with budget. Finally, I fell into some luck at a trip to Meijer. As the school supplies filtered in, so did metallic dry-erase boards. It all fell into place after that.

One aisle over were inexpensive, metallic, mesh bins in a contrasting color. I affixed magnets with double-stick adhesive. I had one container per each category of makeup/tool.

The most convenient part of this board is the flexibility. Because of the magnets, I can easily remove and replace each bin as needed.

Oh, organized version of me, you may be far off still, but I can at least see you in the distance.

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