Monday, September 24, 2012

This One is Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Simple



I have a picture frame which was a nice gift, but differing from my current taste.

Enter washi tape. The versatile paper tape is a must for those of us who wish to revamp our older items, yet remain within budget. I found my little roll by K and Company at Target. It is adorable with a dotted Swiss pattern. Despite being less than four dollars, it has already lasted for 3 projects, with more than half a roll remaining. 
With the washi tape, the rest is easy: 

1. Cover the frame with the washi tape, smoothing out any edges with a bone folder.
2.For any edges which stick out, add a bit of Modge Podge underneath, then smooth down again. 
3.After it sets, cover the entirety with Modge Podge, using a foam brush for a more finished look. 

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