Thursday, September 20, 2012


I love hats. A few months after returning to the US from life in Japan, a box of my favorites arrived. I stared down at them and wondered “Just what am I going to do with these?” 

Organization has never been my bag. I have long wished to be one of those “disgustingly organized people,” as I used to say. Despite periodically becoming engrossed in products designed to order one’s life, it was clear the habit would never pass the window shopping phase. 

Now, this is where the hats come in... They sat in their home of several months, looking worn out from their voyage at sea. 

I lacked storage space and realized half the hats would be forgotten if tucked away on some shelf in a closet.  A hat rack was the perfect solution. Unfotunately, stores tended to prefer money over my eternal gratitude as a form of payment. I wondered if it were at all possible for me to make one.  

And so began my new-found DIY habit. Guided by my less than voluminous budget, I have been creatively upcycling items–revamping them, while buying as few new materials as possible. 

So far, most of my projects have been for function. Little by little, my dream of becoming an organized person is being realized. 

Occasionally, I make a less useful project; but what is life without whimsy?

I hope you’ll enjoy my adventures in stylish self-sufficiency. 

Hat rack:

Thank you to EnKoreMakeup for the amazing tutorial. Take a look at his brilliant hat organizer. 

I did not have nylon straps. I substituted an old yardstick instead. It conveniently laid flat against the wall, did not require sewing, and had a great zakka look.

Per EnKoreMakeup’s instructions, I glued binder clips every three inches. The yardstick was quite useful here as the measurements were already marked.  

After letting the glue dry overnight, I used several double-sided no-damage adhesive stickers to affix it to the wall. 

That was all. I had somewhere to hang my hat(s). 

I was thrilled my first big DIY/upcycle project worked out. 

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