Saturday, January 5, 2013

Organizing? Shop Your Own House!

January has come and the stores' seasonal aisles have changed, beckoning us to organize. The quest to have clean room and clean mind is always popular, but nothing seems to provoke organization frenzy like a new year on the calendar. It is great to take this time to re-arrange everything, but before you run off to the store, shop your own house.

I found a candle votive stand from high school. With the votive missing, I thought the stand had outlived its usefulness. Then, I absentmindedly sat my hat on it one day. Before I realized it, I had a bowler hat hanger.

 Boom. Easiest upcycle ever. (How perfect, since this one hat unfortunately cannot hang on my hat rack).

Anyone else want help organizing their to-do pile? I know we can buy these things, and this is nothing new, but here is my version. Once again, I did not step foot into a store for this revamp.

I simply used cereal boxes, paper and stickers which I already had. If you don't have stickers (or have better handwriting than me) you can always use a Sharpie. I also used the same washi tape which I have used for so many projects. (K&Company Smash Tape).

I have a few other boxes I want to make into organizers. We will see what happens. While the stores have so many exciting options and fun colors, I am glad I can bring new life to some materials already on hand, without spending a thing.

See what you find when you shop around in your home.



  1. The hat stand upcycle is genius!

    P.S. If you make a book clutch from my tutorial, I'd love to see it. :)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely post a picture of the clutch i I make it. Hope you're having a lovely weekend, too! :)