Friday, April 26, 2013

Nail Art is Hard

Bert and Grover
This is my first try at character nail art. I have not painted since elementary school. Moreover, I have the tiniest nails imaginable; not a great canvas. As such, I am thrilled they turned out as well as they did, especially considering it was my first time making the effort.

•Bert and Grover turned out the best. Oscar was decent, too.
•Ernie did not work out... at all. He's a sad mix or orange and black smudges on my pinky (situated next to Bert).
•Snuffy was less of a disaster, but not photo worthy.
•Cookie Monster actually turned out well, but I did not get a great photo. I was especially pleased with Cookie since that sweet-toothed devil is on my right hand. (Quite hard to do this with my left).
 •Poor Big Bird never got past the idea stage.
 •I got Telly's features correctly, but he ended up looking more like Mimi from the Drew Carrey Show.
 •And to my surprise, Kermit actually ended up looking pretty okay, too, especially for my right hand.


If I am not saying "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" like a Muppet, why did I post my work? Here is the lesson: sometimes, when starting a new hobby, whether it's crafting, learning a new instrument or what-have-you, we are unsatisfied with the results. So it goes. It is a challenge, but keep working at it. This serves as a reminder.
I hope to get back to all of you with better looking character nails                                          in a few months. I will try to work out a few other things, too.


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