Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ring Around the Washi

I have a lot of ribbon tape. The little individual rolls are messy to store once you have opened them. I found a brilliant revamp online recently. I cannot find the link, but someone had taken a multi-rung pant hanger and used it for their ribbon tape/washi tape collection. I was in awe.

When I could not find a budget-friendly pant hanger and did not have one somewhere in my own house, I decided to see what I could throw together. The results were wonderful. First, I sought out shower curtain rings. The cheapest ones I could find at Target were $1.24. I nearly bought them, but decided to check Dollar Tree instead. I thought that saving 24 cents would not be worth my time. I was wrong. They must have been having a close out, because the same type of shower curtain rings I almost bought for $1.24 at Target were 1 cent. That's right, I saved 124%.

The result did not look as nice as if I had used a multi-tiered pant hanger, so if price is no object, get one of those. They are still not very expensive. If you want something functional which costs as little as possible (only a penny in my case) this works very well. It is functional and space saving, and now, safely in my closet.

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